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XNeat Clipboard Manager  v.

Windows clipboard has the disadvantage that you can only copy once before pasting, xNeat clipboard manager solves such problem by keeping track of all your copied items and giving you quick access to them saving your time while working with copying.

Free Clipboard Manager  v.0.1

Want to save automatically the contents of the clipboard? Free Clipboard Manager saves every text and image that is copied in the clipboard! This is useful if you have to take a lot of screenshots or if you need to access to multiple notes of part

Clip5 text clipboard manager  v.5

It's a Java application which can be used as a clipboard manager. Just click on any of the textfield/textarea to copy the the displyed text into the system clipboard, where it will be ready to be pasted in another application like an e-mail ...

GNOME Clipboard Manager  v.2.0.4

GNOME Clipboard Manager is an environment made for managing your clipboards.

Fast download manager  v.1.5

Accelerate downloads by up to 500 percent, schedule downloads, recover and resume broken downloads.

Visual Clipboard  v.2.2

Handy clipboard history manager. Just hold mouse button or press Ctrl+Alt to view/edit clipboard content. It is the simplest and fast clipboard manager.

Shapeshifter  v.

Shapeshifter is the best clipboard manager out there, and the most maintained one as well. It has been awarded more than 100 5-star awards from different download sites worldwide and has been featured on national TV in Brazil and magazines in Russia.

Keepboard  v.3.0

Keepboard is a cross-platform clipboard manager. It supports saved items groups and adding names to items for quicker filtering and selection. It can save text and image clipboard items (up to 2000 per group). The current version supports Linux

RClipStep  v.5.01.003

RClipStep is a handy, easy-to-use application specially designed to offer users a clipboard manager that can be accessed any time the user needs it. It offers a simple usage (multiple press Ctrl-V) and many functions (multiple queue, store clips

Visual Clipboard LE  v.1.6

Visual Clipboard is FREE, simple and quite useful clipboard manager. Visual Clipboard captures and store text you cut or copy from any program. It is easy to use: just hold mouse button (or press Ctrl+Alt) to view/edit your clipboard history or

Desktop-data-manager  v.0.8.11

Desktop Data Manager is a Clipboard Manager for GNOME similar to Klipper for KDE.

Handy Clips  v.1.5

Handy Clips is a simple, very easy to use tool specially designed to offer you a clipboard manager in the form of a small tray utility which keeps all you important text clips. For instance you can store your email , your web URL text and save it.

Magic Download Accelerator  v.2.7

Magic Download Accelerator is a fast download manager and it is a good choice for active surfers and those on dial-up connections. Magic Download Accelerator raise the download speed by up to five times. The neat interface offers several ways to

Fresh Download  v.8.24

Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager that turbocharges the downloading of files from the Internet, including your favorite freeware and shareware, MP3 files, movie files, and picture collections. This free program doesn't

Snapshoter  v.1.6.1

Snapshoter is a infinite clipboard manager

Clipdiary  v.5.14

Clipdiary is a clipboard manager for keeping the clipboard history. Install our clipboard utility and you will never lose data once copied. Clipdiary will record everything you place to clipboard into database. So you can easy copy data back

CtrlSee  v.beta.

CtrlSee is a clipboard manager. Better yet, Ctrl See makes is easy to pull recently copied text and images back into the clipboard for use. It works specifically with hotkeys and allows you to preview the clipboard items prior to selecting

Minifileman  v.1.0

A light and fast file manager, written in Python 3 with Tkinter. Screenshots: Wiki:

Lux IO  v.1.0

Lux IO is yet another fast database manager. It's originally designed for search engine internal storage engine, but it's pretty useful for normal use.

Gfm  v.1.0

gfm is a fast file manager for linux written in C++ using Qt4.

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